Winter in Gaia Retreat’s Garden…

Winter has finally arrived and Gaia Retreat & Spa’s gardens are looking glorious. We love cooler nights with wood fires, and warm sunny days. The sunset views from our new garden seats have been stunning, with the season’s signature clear crisp skies…the colours are vibrant, and the stars are captivating. It is my favourite time of year here (as any local will tell you!)

Our beds are brimming with winter greens, cos lettuce, romanesco, orange cauliflower, fennel, radicchio and celtuce…with lots of potatoes and garlic on their way!

We have had a very successful first six months of honey production from our busy resident bees. Our three harvests yielded very distinctive honey – the taste was noticeably different as we passed from spring to summer, and through to autumn. We are constantly amazed at just how fragrant and delicate each harvest is…and so are you! Our honey has been very well received by guests and our team alike. To keep up with demand, this winter we are expanding to house another ten hives and amplify their pollination and hard work in our garden beds.

And while the gardens (and the weeds!) are growing more slowly, we like to use this time of year to prepare our mushroom logs. We salvaged and repurposed some of our water gums again this year and have been drilling and plugging the logs with some more shiitake and lions mane mycelium (a root-like structure of a fungus, and the perfect home for budding mushrooms). 

This autumn, we had very promising first fruiting from last year’s logs and have since built mushroom forests around Kukura House to provide us with fresh mushrooms for many years to come.

Any why not see them for yourself…? I’m excited to be hosting weekly foraging tours for a chance to show guests all the wonderful produce we have on the property that transitions to your plate. No two weeks here are the same, which is why Gaia Retreat & Spa’s menu is constantly changing. My hope is that with a chance to explore and have our hands in the soil, you’ll be inspired to continue your own garden journey at home.

Look forward to seeing you all on one of our foraging journeys soon,


Organic Gardener

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