Release tension with Restorative Yoga

Throughout the past few months, while being away from teaching Yoga & Meditation at Gaia, I’ve taken the opportunity to go deeper into my own practice and I’m so excited to share my journey with you! New sequences and postures that allow your body to gently open up, especially where we tend to hold tension & stress. By trying out these sequences, you’ll feel a sweet release of physical tension and your body will move more freely with ease throughout the day… It’s amazing!

Isolation has been challenging, and many may have felt a level of fear or anxiety growing within oneself, around our families, loved ones and the future. Now is the perfect time to look at letting go and moving forward in a positive light, by taking some time each day to sit quietly with just our breath or meditating. In the daily morning Yoga class at Gaia, I teach several different Pranayamas (conscious breathing), which you may wish to take home and practice.

In the One-on-One private classes, we guide you through a beautiful Chakra Meditation incorporating Yoga Nidra, which can really help to peel back the layers of any worry or stress, allowing a sense of peace and calmness to come into your mind.

The ‘Walk, Stretch and Breathe’ activity around our picturesque grounds is another beautiful opportunity to not only reconnect with nature, taking in the local flora and fauna but also focusing on your deep breathing, grounding, and relaxation.

We have always upheld an extremely high standard of cleanliness at Gaia and in our Samadhi Yoga Room. With classes starting back up again, we are going above and beyond to ensure you feel safe in this environment. As our Samadhi room is quite a large space, we can comfortably have 10 guests plus a teacher attending any class while keeping a healthy social distance… Welcome back to paradise!

So many of you have been enjoying my 3 x 20 min Yoga classes at home and I’m thrilled to have been part of your isolation journey! This download is still available on our website, if you haven’t tried it yet, please follow this link –

Gaia’s Head Yoga Teacher