Gaia’s Naturopathic Consulting

Helping you to manage your health, Gaia’s Naturopathic team are here to address your individual body system and any health concerns you may have, assisting you to achieve your optimal health and wellbeing.

Positive health outcomes of working with Naturopathy include:

  • Increased energy levels and vitality
  • Balanced mental and emotional responses
  • Improved quality of life
  • Prevention of illness and disease

Gaia’s Naturopaths use integrative complimentary medicine and analytical tools to support your current treatment plan or help you design an individually tailored plan to suit your specific health needs. 

Natural medicine at Gaia helps you to achieve your health needs through a variety of different modalities including;

Case Studies

Comprehensive case history studies are utilised as one of the most important tools in Naturopathy, as it allows us to make the connections needed to fully support the entire body system. It helps the practitioner to identify any underlying causative factors inhibiting optimal health and wellbeing.


Food is medicine – it is the primary way we fuel our body system for energy production, rebuild, repair and recovery. At Gaia, your meals are prepared with the highest quality ingredients, and combine modern dietary science with the wisdom of traditional dietetics, to bring you award winning best local, seasonal and organic cuisine. Our practitioners assess individual dietary requirements and offer nutritional advice and plans to suit your specific needs.

What you eat today has a deep and profound impact on your future health. Nutritional medicine is the building block of health. Nutrients are the driving force behind every function in the body, and are responsible for boosting our physiological, as well as our mental and emotional functions.  With expert knowledge and where indicated, nutritional supplements can make dramatic changes to your health and wellbeing. Individual protocols are assessed, and recommendations are made when indicated.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine, known as Nature’s pharmacy, is a gentler and more supportive way to effectively address health complaints and enhance vitality and the prevention of illness and disease.


Iridology is used as an analytical tool to study the coloured part of your eye called the Iris. Known as the blueprint of your body system, Iridology is used as a map of the body system assessing its delicate fibres and tissues, which can tell a story of the physiology and hereditary predispositions.
The Iris can show both inherent and acquired aspects of your body, giving indications of potential hereditary strengths and weakness of the body system. This is an important tool used for helping to understand the way an individual body functions.

Please note that Gaia Naturopathic Consulting is only open to In-house guests. Your personal bookings will be managed by our spa team prior to your arrival.