Eco Christmas

With so much joy, food, presents and celebrations, it’s no wonder that rubbish volumes spike over 30% during Christmas – yikes! In honour of our Mother Earth, we share ways to cut down waste (and inadvertently costs) this season.

Reduce wrapping paper waste by wrapping gifts in these alternatives

  • A fabric item that is part of the gift e.g. clothes, tea towel, sarong etc
  • Old brown paper bags or other shopping bags
  • Children’s paintings, drawings
  • Newspaper

Reduce food waste with these tips

  • Plan ahead and don’t over cater
  • Ask relatives to bring their own food storage containers to take leftovers home
  • Freeze leftovers

Eco gift giving

Give gifts that are homemade, an experience, or a donation to a charity . . .

Reduce general waste

  • Use the fancy china and limit use of disposable crockery, cups, tableware etc
  • Save the decorations for the following year and repurpose old decorations by adding them to a new ornament
  • Buy a live tree you can plant in your garden after
  • Get the kids to make decorations
  • Add fruit, nuts, and pine cones to your holiday centerpiece or fireplace mantle to bring in rich color and an organic touch to your decorations. Simple ornaments strung with dried citrus, apples, pine cones and cinnamon sticks will look great on your Christmas tree.
  • Send e-cards or if you prefer real cards, get your children to make them or DIY
  • Reduce electricity usage with LED lights & turning off decorations when going to bed