One on One

Your stay at Gaia can be customised according to your personal wellness goals and aspirations. Our One on One sessions offer you the ideal space to explore, learn and adopt new wellness practices. Ranging from Personal Fitness to Art Therapy, there is something for everyone to explore and enjoy during their stay.

Your personalised wellness journey begins…

Personal Fitness Training

Perhaps you want to achieve progression from your current level of fitness or would like to integrate additional types of wellness components into your daily routine. Personal Training at Gaia can be adjusted to cater for any skill level; from absolute novice to professional athletes.

Personalise your journey

Whether you are after simple guidance, want to learn the basics of your body, or are seeking options for recovery and nurturing, our one-on-one personal training will be customised to your specific needs. Your strengths and weaknesses will be analysed by our trainers, who will design a safe and progressive pathway for an improved holistic approach to your training. Discover the benefits of combining breath, focused movement and meditation into your personalised exercise training program.

60 MINS - $150 90 MINS - $200

Personal Yoga / Pranayama

Experience a greater sense of wellbeing and facilitate a connection to your inner most nature with our gentle yoga practise. Yoga practise will awaken your inner potential and bring about a transformation of your whole being.

Balance your being

By incorporating the focus of your mind, body and spirit, in a short period of time, you will see improvement in your physical body, nervous system and mind. We embrace all levels and capabilities from the very beginner to the advanced Yogi.

60 MINS - $150 90 MINS - $200

Personal Pilates

Pilates exercise is designed to develop full-body control, enhance strength, improve flexibility and increase physical strength.

Move in alignment

Our Pilates instructors focus on correct spine alignment, breathing, developing cores strength as well as improving your coordination and balance for a holistic mind-body integration.

60 MINS - $150 90 MINS - $200

Tennis Coaching

Improve your tennis technique with professional on-site coaching or simply enjoy a professional game with your own private coach.

Game set match

Enjoy the benefits of outdoor exercise on our day/night tennis court and allow yourself to soak in the subtropical surrounds whilst moving your body and improving your strength and agility.

90 MINS - $200

Qi Gong

Discover the subtle but powerful movement of Qi Gong, an ancient Chinese healing and meditation art form. Qi Gong is a unique practice of aligning breath, movement, and awareness for exercise.

The art of vital energy cultivation

Qi Gong is based on the belief that energy flows through the body along meridian pathways, with the practice facilitating ease of flow for the purpose of restoring wellness, building mental and emotional strength, reducing stress and increasing vitality. Qi Gong can be practiced by anyone regardless of age, religion, or fitness level so if you are looking for a gently powerful modality in your wellness plan, join us and learn Qi Gong during your stay

60 MINS - $150


Learning to meditate can be difficult for some, so our aim is to give you techniques to assist you to still your mind, tune into inspiration and guidance, and reach a place of deep, replenishing relaxation.

Still your mind

Meditation at Gaia teaches you techniques, including mindfulness, to slow down and focus your brain on a particular object, thought or activity; to retrain your attention and awareness to achieve mental clarity and an emotionally calm and stable state of being. Other techniques use in our meditation may include visualisation, breathing exercises, music and sound. Meditation can be tailor made to suit your needs, and offered one-on-one or as couples.

60 MINS - $150

Cacao Ceremony

A guided ceremony with cacao helps root the balance of energies within us, connecting to your inner spirit, which will help you explore meditation on a much deeper and spiritual level.

A balance of energies

Cacao is said to enhance creativity, helping remove inner blocks that keep us disconnected. For centuries, cacao has been used to heal the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies and it is said that engaging with chocolate in ceremony promotes inner healing. Cacao is used to gently touch your heart and to invite you to dive into an inner journey into the emotional centre of our body. Your instructor will use the shamanic drum and a guided meditation, as you sip the Cacao to re-connect with your being.

60 MINS - $150

Move it Dance

With a playlist of some of your favourite songs from legends such as Hot Chocolate, Dolly Parton, Adele and our very own Olivia Newton-John, this post-disco, post-ballet, post-aerobics dance fitness fun class will have you laughing out loud within minutes of the first warm up exercise.

Move to the rhythm of the beat

The class promotes your DOSE (Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, Endorphins), improves your physicality, strength and flexibility in a creative safe space. Move It Dance is designed for everyone to enjoy - any age and fitness level. You’ll definitely get a good work out and sweat.

60 MINS - $135
We strive to customise & personalise your Gaia Experience, so all bookings are taken via telephone. For booking enquiries, please call Gaia Day Spa on +61 2 6687 1670 or email:
Please note the Gaia Day Spa is currently only open to In-house guests.
*There is a minimum of a 90 min Spa Treatment per person for Gaia Day Spa guests. This includes complimentary use of our Spa Facilities including Pool, Hot Tub and Sauna.