Gaia Caesar Salad Bowl

Gaia’s nourishing Caesar Salad Bowl is a quick and easy recipe to prepare at home or on the go, to keep you full and feeling healthy all day long. Simply add more ingredients if you wish to cater for the whole family. Ingredients 1 handful of cos lettuce 1 steamed potato (skin on or off […]

The Latest From Our Organic Gardens

Hi from our very wet gardens here at Gaia!  The rainy season has well and truly given us a soaking, and gardening in the subtropics can certainly come with a few challenges.  It also provides us with some great opportunities to be clever about how we plan our usage for the rows.  I’ve certainly learnt […]

Introducing our General Manager, Josh Langerak

Most of you will be very familiar with Josh, our newly appointed General Manager who has been in the Gaia family since 2018. This month we take a deep dive into ‘The Day in the Life’ of our General Manager and get to know more about Josh and his very important role here at Gaia. […]

Moving Through The Week

One of the best ways to get in touch with your body is through movement. It doesn’t have to be intense or excessive, but it does have to be intentional and regular. The act of moving helps us surrender to ourselves and become more present within our bodies and minds. We hear over and over […]

Skin Hydration Tips

The days are getting shorter, and the temperatures are starting to drop. Our skin often needs an extra dose of hydration during this change of season… and we are pleased to share some of our Autumn skin care tips to help replenish and balance your skin, and give it some extra love and attention as […]

Northern Rivers Flood Relief Raffle – Now Closed

DRAW UPDATE – 7 JUNE 2022 Thank YOU to our incredible community for supporting our Flood Relief Raffle which is now closed.⁠You have helped us to raise over $69k for the Northern Rivers Community Foundation! ⁠It is truly inspiring to know how much our community are willing to contribute in times of need to help […]

Summer Gardening With Cam

Greetings from the Gaia organic garden. Summer has arrived and I thought to share a few ideas for what you might like to grow to brighten up your garden, or your balcony, and bring some health and vitality to you and your family.  I often speak (in the classes I run here) of the range […]

Pranayama for Calm and Wellbeing

Each new day at Gaia beings with our gentle and restorative morning yoga ritual. This ancient and grounding practice provides us with different tools which we can use to help relieve stress and anxiety, slow the mind and turn off our sympathetic nervous system in times of overwhelm. The many tools of yoga, which include […]

Summer’s Newest Rituals

Here at Gaia Retreat & Spa, our location in the healing heartland of Australia ensures that we are blessed to meet and employ some of the most amazing healers in the country. We recently added two new special rituals to our Spa and Activities list just in time to seduce our wonderful guests checking in […]

Lacto-Fermented Fennel

Fermented foods are very high in healthy probiotic bacteria and provide a huge range of benefits including; aiding digestion, improving overall gut health and gut flora and helping to boost immunity. Our delicious Lacto-Fermented Fennel recipe can be applied to many different types of vegetables, such as carrot, beetroot, celery, celeriac, pumpkin, or parsnip.   […]