Connect to your inner spirit with our guided Cacao Ceremony.

Our diverse team of Shamanic Healers will lead you through the unique holistic healing session – which is one of the oldest and most sacred practices of indigenous cultures.

Cacao is an eternal remedy, that gently touches your heart, allowing you to connect with your true inner self. The special herbal plant has a restorative power, that can awaken your emotional, physical, and spiritual being. It is intended to be consumed with intention.

Experience a Gaia Retreat & Spa cacao ceremony for yourself or share it with others during your stay. If you choose to go alone, you will experience an unforgettable moment of true connection, as you surrender in solitude and harness your inner power. Alternatively, opt to attend in a pair or group, which can give you a safe space for open communication and new-found connectiveness.

As you wander into the ceremony, you will be welcomed into a sacred area, that has been uniquely created by your Shamanic Healer. During the ceremony, they will guide you on a path to new direction and inspiration. Your body will begin to interconnect with the heart-opening plant medicine (cacao), as you mindfully drink and smell the plant, with the added touch of warmth from the cup in your hands. Take a deep moment of thought, as you listen to the blissful sounds of the meditation and begin to slowly steer to a new perspective.

With love,

Shamanic Healing Team