A Mindful Focus for the New Year

Would you like to shine through 2019 with a calmer response to life’s challenges and potential stressors than you have in 2018? Does a sharper clarity, better sleep and a more centred approach to stress appeal, for the wellbeing benefits of yourself and those close to you?

Modern science has proven that Mindfulness and Meditation can make a major difference. For millennia, these ancient techniques have helped people from varied cultures and walks of life to respond to the challenges of life with maximum clarity, effectiveness and calm. Now understood by science and able to be communicated in simple, modern terms, Mindfulness and Meditation practices allow us to reduce our negative stress responses and build a healthy, ideally responsive nervous system.

Gaia’s highly trained team of wellness coaches, movement facilitators and health practitioners can coach you in Conscious Breathing, Purposeful Movement, Mindfulness and Meditation. Their aim is to empower you to integrate these targeted stress-buster practices into your daily lifestyle or training regime most effectively.

With particular attention on exploring daily stress reduction and management techniques, Gaia’s MINDFULNESS FOCUS Retreat Add-On aims to enhance your mental and emotional strength for a calmer, happier and more well-balanced daily experience. All practices included in the program are tailored to your individual needs and goals whilst being delivered in personalised private one-on-one sessions.

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