A love escape for two or just for you

An old Zen proverb says: “You should sit in nature for 20 minutes a day. Unless you’re busy, then you should sit for an hour.”

Traditionally, we make the effort to take time out with our lover, or much loved partner, on those special occasions when we pop the question or renew our vows, for a birthday, an anniversary or valentines. But when we take time out together just because we have been so busy we have passed like ships in the night or have spent way too much time lost in our screens, magic happens.

The magic of really seeing each other and having that precious – aha moment of “there you are” and remembering, “that’s why I love you so much.” We become no longer the Mum, the Dad, the cook, the taxi, the one who gets home too late for dinner, the one who never quite gets to the bottom of the to-do list; we can become lovers again.

Just as many parents are learning about the benefits of positive time out versus negative time out, it is no different for us adults. When we stop the clock in sport the purpose is to catch our breath, regroup, take a look at what isn’t working, and come up with a new plan. Positive time out can stop the clock on any negative relating patterns we have developed while bunkered down in winter and allow precious time for coming together afresh along with the spring blooms.

Just as children do better when they feel better, we do too. Whether our renewal time is loving ourselves up in precious alone time, refreshing our connection and romance with our chosen other, or to actually pop the question or share an anniversary – Gaia will ensure you feel very, very special, pampered and loved.

For Two

Light the fire in your loved one’s eyes with an indulgent Love the One You’re With two-night escape (See here – www.gaiaretreat.com.au/retreat-packages/retreat-packages/love-the-one-youre-with ) Gaia creates the perfect stage for Love enlivened with champagne on arrival, gourmet chocolates, scattered rose petals and a two-and-a-half-hour romantic Bay Dream spa treatment along with all the other Gaia treasures, the rest is up to you.

Just for You

Switch off your screens, lay back and listen to the birds, read a book, float off with a massage, walk in the gardens, pause, reflect, renew. When we are busy it is so easy to lose ourselves in our busyness – we need to love ourselves back into being whole and balanced.

Gaia’s Renew Package (See here – www.gaiaretreat.com.au/retreat-packages/retreat-packages/renew-package-3-nights ) over three blissful nights rejuvenates you through self-nurturing romance. Learn more loving yourself up tips in the wellness consultation, stretch out your kinks in yoga and enjoy blissful sleep surrounded by the gifts of nature. It’s time to love and appreciate your precious self.

Looking forward to exquisitely pamper you on your next visit.

From our hearts to yours,

Your Gaia Family