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Ian Gawler


Gaia Retreat & Spa welcomes Dr. Ian Gawler who will be an in-house guest in June 2013.  During his four day stay at Gaia from 23rd through to the 27th June, he will give a 90 minute interactive/experiential talk on 24th, 25th & 26th, focusing on stress management, mindfulness and meditation. To take advantage of this opportunity to see him speak, secure your booking NOW as spaces are limited.


Dr Ian Gawler has played a major role in pioneering and popularising meditation and other mind-body techniques in the Western world. A powerful advocate of a healthy lifestyle, Ian co-founded the world’s first lifestyle-based cancer and multiple sclerosis self-help groups and has authored six bestselling books. Known for his clarity and good humour, Ian has a gift for translating ancient wisdom into a modern, scientific context.


To book your place, please call us on 02 6687 1216 or get in touch via our Contact page.