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Weight Loss Focus

Minimum 5 Night Stay

Regain self-confidence and experience the richness of self-empowerment. Our bodies are continually overloaded with toxins from; pollution, cigarette smoke, pesticides, poor diet & stress to name just a few.  As these toxins build up in our system, health problems can occur, including weight gain, headaches, dull skin, fatigue, lowered immunity & a sluggish system. The process of detoxing and losing weight helps to remove these toxins from the body and increase your metabolic rate.  Lose weight, feel healthier, fitter and help yourself recover from all those niggling health problems.

Our aim is to set you on the road with the right tools to enable you to integrate tailored programs that are personalised just for you.  These add on packages will teach you easy simple skills to maintain a rich healthy lifestyle.


Weight Loss Package Includes:

  • An additional 1 hr Naturopathic consultation which includes eye iridology & live blood analysis
  • 2 x 1 hr Personal Training session
  • 1 hr Fitness Assessment & tailored activity schedule
  • 1.5hr Lymphatic Massage
  • Tailored Weight Loss Diet (for stay at Gaia and to take home)