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Samira Lookout

... wind of God and breeze

Samira….ancient Sanskrit meaning ‘wind of God and breeze’, is not only the highest point on the property, but in the shire.

From this point you can see some of the most spectacular breathtaking views in the region, from Pacific ocean to the Nightcap Ranges. 

Enjoy early morning sunrises or one of the many stunning sunsets from one of our romantic daybeds, Samira lookout is sure to capture your heart.


Eco Conscious

Treading lightly on the eco footprint and as world environmental consciousness grow, Gaia embraces an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Every effort is made to use all Australian made eco cleaning products; the recycling of waste; composting; as well as an integrated pest management program. Closely aligned with ‘Rainforest Rescue Regeneration Scheme’, Gaia is implementing plantings of 2000 trees per year.

Guests are invited to plant a tree during their stay in honour of themselves and mother earth, leaving a positive environment footprint on Gaia herself.

‘Here at Gaia we treasure the natural beauty of this sacred land as a gift from nature, We are truly blessed’Jeff Schoen – Chief Operations Manager