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Treatment Explanations


  • Massages Relaxation/Swedish: A firm and relaxing massage working on superficial tissue. 
  • Deep Tissue/Remedial: A firm to strong massage working on the deeper layers of the muscles eases tensions & tightness.
  • Kahuna: Hawaiian style massage using long, flowing rhythmical strokes along the body. Can be gentle to firm. 
  • Hot Rocks: Beautiful, nurturing treatment using hot rocks to massage the body. A sense of warm strokes along the body. 
  • 4 Hands Massage: 2 people massaging. Firm and deeply relaxing. Allows the mind to switch off. 
  • Aromatherapy: Tailor made blend of oils. The massage is generally firm, relaxing & nourishing. 
  • Pregnancy Massage: Tailored to suit all trimesters. Firm, nurturing massage. 
  • Thai & Shiatsu: Performed on futon on floor. Guest wears loose comfortable clothing. Works on balancing the left & right sides of the body. Using pressure points to release energy through the meridians Gentle stretching is also applied. 
  • Craniosacral: Focusing on the body’s natural rhythms, this gentle hands-on bodywork is effective in calming the central nervous system and relieving headache, neck and back pain, vertigo and more. The whole body is balanced and specific bones are released as the client’s body leads the session, moving naturally closer to its state of optimum health. 
  • Reflexology: Using massage and pressure points on the feet the practitioner can work on the organs and meridians in the body to ease pain and discomfort creating an all over feeling of wellbeing. 
  • Reiki / Esoteric Healing: Healing through the hands. The practitioner’s hands may be placed slightly above or gently on the body. Specific areas of healing can be addressed. Promotes a deep sense of relax- ation and wellbeing. Can experience profound realisations.

Body Polishes

Gently removes the top layer of dead skin. This brings the blood to the surface working on the lymphatic system helping with elimination and rejuvenating the skin. Performed in the steam room which helps to soften the skin, open the pores, draw out impurities and re-hydrate the skin.

  • Bay Sea Salt Mineral: Helps with detoxifying. Replacing minerals and is full of anti-oxidants.
  • Rainforest Bamboo: Great for sensitive and fine skin. Small grained polish.
  • Sugar Sweet Polish: This is great for re-hydration and is blended with your favourite essential oils.
  • Organic Coffee: Stimulating and detoxifying.
  • Honey & Sesame: Great for very fine textured sensitive skin
  • Lulur Polish: Beautiful textured Balinese polish with turmeric, jasmine and hibiscus.

Body Masques

Commencing with a dry body brush, the masque is applied and the guest is cocooned in muslin cloth to allow the masque to penetrate the skin. A hot oil scalp massage is performed during this time.

  • Detox Mineral Masque: Specifically to help with detoxification. Has a Marine mineral fragrance. This treatment goes well with Bay Sea Salt Polish.
  • Rejuvenating Masque: This is a luscious, white clay masque with fragrances of frankincense and Neroli. Nice & uplifting.
  • Thermal Masque: Specifically designed for sore, aching muscles. great in winter.
  • French Clay Masque:
    • Yellow – balancing 
    •  Green – detoxifying 
    •  Pink – nourishing
  • Cocoa & Mango Butter: Luscious, re-hydrating aromatic masque.