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Naturopathy at Gaia

The science of natural medicine. 

Our aim at Gaia naturopathics is to give you 

  • Increased energy and vitality 
  • Improved quality of life 
  • Elimination and prevention of disease. 
  • Complimentary support with your current treatment plans

Natural medicine achieves this through

Diet – You are what you eat.
Combining modern dietary science with the wisdom of traditional dietetics, we will assess your diet and give you an individual plan, tailor made for your needs.

What you do today has a deep and profound impact on your future health.

Nutritional medicine – The building blocks of health

Nutrients are the driving force behind every function in the body therefore boosting the physiological functions of the entire body.
With expert knowledge, nutritional supplements can make dramatic changes to your health and well being.

LBA and Iridology are useful tools in evaluating your nutritional needs

Herbal medicine – Natures pharmacy- Mostly disused through the development of modern medicine, the gentler and more supportive effects of herbal medicine are re-emerging as an effective tool for not only treating illness, but also for enhancing vitality and preventing disease.
In coming to Gaia you will be either booked in for a
½ hr naturopathic – Includes case history
1hr naturopathic - Includes intensive case history and iridology
1½ hr naturopathic - Includes case history live blood analysis and full iridology screening.

So we can give you the care you need we recommend a full 1½ hr naturopathic consultation for treating any ailment you would like to address. To add this on to your complimentary consultation, please book in with the day spa prior to your arrival.
Phone 026687 1670 or Contact Gaia Day Spa

Naturopathic diagnostics

Each diagnostic tool gives us information and indications for finding the primary cause of health issues, which, when treated, removes disease from the roots. Wholistic medicine eliminates disease while at the same time healing and vitalizing the body.

  • Case history- A detailed case history is most important in naturopathy, as it allows us to make connections between organs/systems that point to an underlying and shared cause. 
  • Live Blood Analysis – Taking a drop of blood from your finger the practitioner uses a powerful dark field microscope to look at the health of your blood. We look for – size and shape of red blood cells- number, movement and quality of white blood cells and time and appearance of blood clotting. 
  • Iridology – The iris is a map of the body and its delicate tissues tell a story of the physiology. The iris can show both inherent and acquired aspects of your body, giving indications of strengths and weakness in particular organs/systems of your body. This is an important tool for understanding the way an individual body functions. 


Through the proper support and maintenance, the body will rid itself of disease and will naturally attain vitality and longevity.