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Guest Blogger Bettina Deda experiences Gaia.

Bettina is an Interior Stylist, Colour Consultant and Artist living and working on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. She is the founder of Bettina Deda colour design and passionate about colour and interior home decorating.

GAIA, wellness, spa, retreat, organic, yoga

GAIA Entrance.

It took me four years to finally make the booking for another spa and wellness week at the award winning GAIA retreat in the Hinterland of Byron Bay. When you pass the worn wooden gate, you enter a world of relaxation, slowness, restoration and purification. The team welcomes and treats you from the heart. The Layana rooms are tastefully decorated and a stunning stone basin is the focal point in the bathroom. The food is organic and divine and every dish that is served surprises you with the freshest ingredients and the most interesting food creations. The dishes look like colourful artworks, the way the food is arranged on the plate. Food styling at its finest. I usually got up around 6:30am, started the day with a cup of green jasmine tea adding a squeeze of lemon (a wonderful cleanser and rich in antioxidants) to get ready for the morning yoga class and a delicious breakfast afterwards. This was the time of the day I cherished most. Sitting in the gorgeous dining area, having the most delicious food on the planet and looking outside in a lush green tropical garden surroundings Kukura House. I always felt really energized, creative and grounded. This was also a really creative time for me. Ideas and thoughts just seemed to be flowing to me. After Breakfast I would sit inside or outside on the beautiful outdoor seating area of Kukura House looking over the green hilly countryside in the Hinterland of Byron Bay. Time to read and appreciate the silence and peacefulness around me.

Gaia, wellness, food, cooking, spa, retreat


Every morning you could join a group activity like a nature walk around the property, a clay sculpture class, a fitness or a cooking class. Cam, one of the chefs, demonstrated his skills at preparing food - heavenly food! It was a pleasure to listen to his explanations and to see and feel how passionate he is about what he's doing! He demonstrated how to poach chicken and eggs, explained how to cook white and brown rice, shared his favourite sources for the ingredients they use at Gaia and prepared a very yummy Assam Laksa with white poached chicken. Unbelievably good! At lunch time everyone was meeting again in Kukura House. In the afternoons it was a pleasure to enter the peaceful spa and wellness area. After being greeted with a fresh lemon grass tea, one of the many excellent therapists would guide you to your treatment room. Pure indulgence! Have you every had a Chinese medicine consultation? I was fascinated by the ability of my therapist to tell me about the quality of my blood when feeling my pulse. And she got it right! Without knowing that I had recently a blood rest done. After an analysis of my health situation and getting a bigger picture of my daily life with all its challenges I got an acupuncture treatment. The following 45 minutes were an amazing experience. I felt like floating above the massage bed, completely relaxed, in a state between being awake and sleeping... Wow, that was just divine! Afterwards, drinking my hot lemon grass tea accompanied by a little fruit platter, I felt so relaxed, grounded and energized at the same time. Thank you Cass and GAIA for this wonderful experience! My other spa indulgences included a body polish with pink(!) Australian desert salt, a hot oil scalp massage and an esoteric healing massage. Each of these treatments presented a unique experience. If you are looking for a really special experience, some time for yourself, to nurture your soul and restore your body, Gaia is definitely the place to go. Jetstar and Rex Airlines fly into Ballina, and from there it is a 20 minute drive to Brooklet in the beautiful Hinterland of Byron Bay. Gaia will arrange transport for you. What are you waiting for?

Gaia, wellness, spa, retreat, interior decorating

Tastefully decorated Layana room with welcome present.

GAIA, wellness, retreat, spa, yoga

Kukura House

Gaia, wellness, retreat, spa, interior decoratingGaia, wellness, spa, retreat, interior decorating

Lounge area and library invite the guests to relax.

Gaia, wellness, spa, retreat, cooking

How to make the perfect poached egg - cooking class with Cam.

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The Yoga room on top of the property with views to Byron Bay.Gaia, wellness, nature, spa, retreat, yoga

Morning Dew