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The Gaia philosopy of treatments

Featured in the 'Top Spa Trends and Tips for Therapists' by Athlegen Professional Treatment Tables.


“With increasing stresses of our lives today, and a world of uncertainty so many people are reaching burn out/ boiling point and are recognising the importance of taking time for themselves to rebalance and realign. Spa treatments like massage, body work and facials are commonly known, but a wide variety of healing energy techniques are becoming more available in many of the leading Spas of the world. People seem more open to embrace and seek out the best for their own personal individual needs. It is easy to talk the talk.. walking the walk keeps it straight and real… At Gaia we do our utmost to always ensure the clarity and transparency of healing and energy work from our therapists is pure. This way the guest can openly embrace the treatment with heart, mind and spirit.”

Gregg Cave, GM