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Gaia Exclusive Sales

Gaia Retreat and Spa offer these items from our Gaia Shop.

…inspired to translate retreating at Gaia and rejuvenating you with Mother Earth

Made with organic ingredients (200 ml)

Key Actives

Aloe Leaf, Honeysuckle and Black Cohosh

Made with organic ingredients

Key Actives

Litchi Shell, Licorice and Lilly Pilly Fruit

Certified Organic (75ml)

Key Actives

Flame Tree Flower and Papaya

Certified Organic (100ml)

Key Actives

Banksia Extract and Green Tea Leaf

Certified Organic (100ml)

Key Actives

Crown of Gold and Kakadu Plum

Certified Organic

Key Actives

Gotu Kola and Sea Buckthorn

Certified Organic

Key Actives

Finger Lime and white Cypress

Certified Organic

Key Actives

Buriti Oil and Davidson Plum

Certified Organic

Key Actives

White Cypress, May Chang and Clementine

Featured throughout Gaia this incense makes a wonderful gift or is perfect on the mantle piece.

Head Chef Dan Trewartha has completed the long awaited second Gaia cookbook ‘Gratitude’. His cooking skills and appreciation for organic foods and finer detail to flavouring is second to none.

Give the gift of a Gaia experience – indulge for the day or retreat for a while.

Local native Davidson plum has a natural sourness contrasting with the sweetness of the caramelised chilli and onions, creating a delicious spicy sambal. Perfect with fish, chicken and cheeses. 190gm

The Gaia toasted wheat free Muesli is a carefully selected blend of lightly toasted organic oats, dried fruits and nuts with a few little Gaia hidden gems. Each of the Gaia chefs have contributed to making this a very unique breakfast favourite. 750g.

Naturally organic, this mango chutney started with an old favourite recipe from Gregg’s grandmother and was adapted by the chef’s at Gaia. Great with chicken and meatloaf. 500gm

Our gluten free organic porridge is a favourite at Gaia, tasty and so simple to prepare. Ingredients: All Organic – Brown Rice, Millet, Pepitas, Quinoa, Amaranth, Linseeds, Sesame Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Macadamia Nuts.

Preserved Meyer lemons can be used to add extra zest to your salads, targines or fish and chicken dishes. With a light hint of orange flavour and the tang of aromatic salt, it will add the magic to your dishes that will be the envy of friends. Remove the pith and add diced rind to your dishes. 500gm

Choose from Bronze or Charcoal. These ceramic oil burners will fill your home with a sweet scent of your choice and create an ambient light.

A rugged luxury travel experience. Locally handmade tanned leather passport cover with matching baggage tag.

This light, refreshing lotion cools and soothes tired, aching feet and legs. Spearmint and Peppermint reduce fatigue and promote circulation, while Arnica and Spike Lavender help reduce swelling. 

Winter Skin is a daily nourisher that dries instantly and builds into a beautiful honey tan after a few days of application.

LI’TYA is expressed as a way of being, with each product assisting to heal and balance with the profound wisdom of ancient Aboriginal medicines.

Gaia Retreat & Spa signature white porcelain tea set including teapot & two cups.

This teapot features a wide filter basket, giving the tea leaves space to open fully and infuse the water with rich flavour. The handle, removable mesh filter basket and lid are all stainless steel.

Enjoy your Eye Rest Pillow for resting, catnap, relieving eyestrain and before drifting off to sleep. Take it with you anywhere for a rejuvenating break from the tensions of modern life.

Formally an international model, Danielle has been studying and practising yoga for over 15 years, through a number of countries including India, Indonesia and Australia.

A message from Olivia... 
"I am very proud to introduce you to my latest CD, Grace and Gratitude, so named for my appreciation of this incredible gift of life I have been blessed with! I hope these songs will help you to take time out of your busy life for relaxation or meditation.

Olivias album GAIA

GAIA (guy-ya) is the spirit of Mother Earth. She is the giver of dreams and the nourisher of plants and young children.

“I recorded this CD in 1994 while staying at my farm near Byron Bay. It was my way of healing after breast cancer in 1992. This album serves as a reminder of my passage, appreciation and gratitude for life – my One Woman’s Journey.” – Olivia Newton-John

At last, Lani’s Meditation C.D “Pathways to self healing through Meditation” is available.

Through easy to follow techniques, you will learn how to gently discipline your mind to reach a restful, regenerative, meditative state.

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